Evil men throughout history have attempted to dominate women and deny them their equal rights as human beings. Even today, in many parts of the world, women are enslaved, tortured, abused, battered, denied the right to vote, denied access to family planning and otherwise mistreated.

Ethicians have an obligation to unchain the women of the world and release them from the physical and emotional bondage which causes them great misery and suffering.

Even in America, evil men force women to be sex slaves, women are still victims of female circumcision, women are still denied equal pay for equal work, women still suffer physical and mental abuse from not only their husbands but male dominated police forces and even the U. S. Supreme Court.

There are those in America who would force women to bear unwanted children, thus making them into ‘breeders’ for the state, much like was done in Nazi Germany. 

America should lead the world in removing the chains and shackles with which women have been bound for far too long.


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